Let’s talk Branson.. Shall we?

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Let’s just talk about this amazing, little town for a bit. Branson is such a unique place. I mean think about it… Roughly 12,000 people live in Branson city limits, and annually we host approximately 7 MILLION visitors in our little town! That’s pretty crazy. And that tells me that we have a pretty amazing place right in our own backyards. If 7 million people want to come to Branson each year, then we, as locals, should appreciate what surrounds us.

My family moved to Branson in 1985 to be in the Lowe’s Family Show. My mom and dad were both entertainers so Branson was a pretty perfect place for our young family to grow. Now back then, there were not so many shows, not so many entertainers, not so many locals. It was the kind of place where everyone knew everyone, cared for each other and looked out for each other and the community. By 1985 Branson had already gained some national attention for the entertainment that the area provided, along with the growing popularity of Silver Dollar City. So entertainers and savvy business owners were already pouring into the town to get a piece of the Branson explosion… and town was booming! It was the kind of town where we, as kids, were safe walking on the “Strip” at night to go to ThunderRoad, or the Tracks. We played outside in our neighborhood from sun up to sun down and parents didn’t have to worry about us, because everyone looked out for each other. It was almost a Mayberry of a town, Bransonberry, if you will. Crime was low and everyone just came to town for a good time!

Well over the last 30+ years we’ve seen a lot of change in this town. We’ve seen a lot of people, shows and businesses come and go. But the heart of Branson has stayed the same. And that is to provide clean, family fun to anyone who wants it. We have lakes, beautiful mountains and trails that are yours for the taking, world class entertainment, and theme parks that rival the best in the nation! We pretty much have it all, except deep sea fishing. People have so much to choose from! And I believe that’s what keeps so many families coming back year after year.Whether you’re a young family or a senior tour group, Branson is the place for you!

When I graduated high school (year shall remain unknown) 😉 I couldn’t wait to leave Branson. It was all I had ever known and I was pretty sure the grass was greener somewhere else… anywhere else. So when I graduated I moved away, not too far away, about 45 minutes north. Well it didn’t take long for me to start coming home on the weekends… every weekend. I missed my mom, my brother, and my town. Then about 9 months later, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I wanted to move back to Branson! And I moved back with such an appreciation for this town and the people in it. I’m convinced it’s the best town in America to live in, to grow up in, to raise a family in, and to grow old in. It’s my hometown, and I love it!

So come visit us friends! I hope to see you in Branson!

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Well hello friends! My name is Mandy and I am a mom of 3 under 8. We live in Branson and I love to play tourist with my little family. I'm here to help make sure you have a great time in Branson with your family!

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  • Hi, wondered whether you have a Facebook page set up for moms in Branson or know of any? Our family are emigrating to Branson next year from the UK and I would love to form a bond with some moms in the local area prior to arriving. I am 38 and our children are currently 3 (girl) and 8 (boy).

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks for reaching out! I am sorry I am just now responding, unfortunately I haven’t been blogging in a while but I’m trying to start it again. Yes! There is a Branson Mamas Facebook page which you can ask to join! Also, MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) is a great organization to attend. It will help you meet moms in the area quickly and will allow you to establish great relationships! When are you moving again!

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